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Macarthur Gas is a specialist in all areas of liquid petroleum gas and natural gas throughout the Sydney metropolitan and NSW regional areas, delivering a broad range of services  anywhere from a simple domestic tap washer to a large civil construction project.  They are a fully integrated energy and network contracting business, with complementary activities in plumbing, civil, building, water and communication utilities and gas-related technologies.


Macarthur Gas Pty Ltd was instrumental in raising the standard of contractors in the NSW Gas Industry. Our plan to dress neatly, identify our personnel and equipment, invest profits into training and management, initially led us to be outcast by other contractors but has over time proven to be the measure of comparison.


We have created a culture of honesty and openness with our organisation which is now enabling our staff to relate to our clients in the same manner.


In the coming years we plan to set even higher standards amongst providers of all contract services, not just the gas industry. We have set high standards for ourselves via our cultural statement, mission statement and strategy planning, though we do remain very aware that statements of intentions are not a measure – results are.


It is our belief that the future will be prosperous for those who have the ability to work with empathy and aligned goals.


Macarthur Gas Pty Ltd was established in 1989 by Chris O’Keefe as Campbelltown Natural Gas Centre, a retail outlet offering complete main to flame installations.

In 1992 Dennis O’Keefe joined as a partner and more emphasis was put into installations rather than retail. They soon identified that their experience was not as strong in retail, to this end they sold the retail business and invested into long-term strategies.

Promotion, administration and long-term planning become the priority of Chris while Dennis ensures the Quality of work, training and skills placed Macarthur Gas Pty Ltd in a position not to be ignored.

Through their program of expansion they made certain never to take opportunities for granted, instead often passing up expansion rather than letting their reputation become tarnished.



Macarthur Gas is a successful Principal contractor who currently employ over 130 personnel including full-time contractors and are continuing to expand at a manageable rate in various pipeline and infrastructure fields.


Over the years Macarthur Gas has built a reputation and developed an experienced team of professionals to provide a vast variety of service solutions and capabilities, for a variety of organizations.


With major clients, Macarthur Gas have developed a reputation for safety and quality in the work place, priding themselves on delivering over and above client’s expectations.